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Smokers who never plan to quit

Who are the smokers who never plan to quit and what do they think about the risks of using tobacco products?

Smokers who do not plan to quit present a particular challenge in reducing the morbidity and mortality from tobacco use. Switching to a lower harm product might encourage them to end their use of combusted cigarettes. This study aimed to better understand smokers who do not intend to quit and their perceived risks of cigarettes and possible lower-risk products such as e-cigarettes.

Smokers who never plan to quit comprise 14.3% of current U.S. smokers (about 5 million) and are more likely to be older (24.2% among 65+ years old vs. 9.8% among 18-24) and less likely to have ever used e-cigarettes. Those who denied that cigarettes cause disease or death or were uncertain, were more likely to never plan to quit compared to those who agreed. They did not view risks of e-cigarettes substantially different compared to smokers who plan to quit.

It is markable that one in seven U.S. smokers never plans to quit and might benefit from interventions which reflect their view and increase their risk perceptions of combustible cigarettes.

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