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SmokeFreeBrain Project – Alexis Bailey

The effect of switching from smoking to e-cigarette, e-cig safety, etc. are some of the objectives of the SmokeFreeBrain project, which is financed by the EU. Dr Alexis Bailey said that the project provides important novel information on the safety of e-cigarette use and effectiveness for smoking cessation through exploring the biological, and neurobiological mechanisms underlining the effects of e-cigarette use.
Study participants were heavy smokers (smoking of >10 cigarettes/day) willing to give up smoking and switch to nicotine containing e-cigs to help them quit. Results showed subtle reduction in nicotine dependence and smoking craving, decrease in nicotine consumption and subtle improvement in sleep quality and quality of life in general. Despite the fact that participants presented with acute withdrawal symptoms, these were normalised after 28 days of e-cigarette use. Evidence of the study support e-cig use for smoking cessation, concluded Dr Bailey.

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