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AgroMist – Organic Vaping StartUp


Organic Vaping

The increasing use of electronic cigarettes as a substitute for conventional cigarette raises questions about the chemicals on which replacement fluids are based. Αgromist, a newcomer startup, noticed the gap in the Greek and world market in the existence of organic e-liquids for electronic cigarette. Thus, it aims at the development of biological e-liquids free of chemical additives. It consists of the students and young graduates of the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Patras: Artemis Adamis, Sylvia Zervas, Konstantinos Messiakaris and Dimitris Rammos.


Agromist aims to produce e-liquids enriched with essential oils and aromatic and medicinal plant extracts, free of chemical additives that are already in use. The ultimate goal is to take advantage of the beneficial properties of raw materials from the human body and to adopt this biological alternative by vapers and smokers.

Exploitation of aromatic plants


Although the idea was born just a few weeks ago, Agromist has already made its first steps. The development and validation of the e-liquids has begun.  The startup was awarded with the first prize in the category Innovative Business Ideas of the 1st Pan-Hellenic Competition titled “Innovation in the Production and Exploitation of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants” organized by Innovation Aroma Hub.

NoSmoke Research & Innovation Institute embraces the work of Agromist and actively supports the development of its work.

Pitch deck presentation – AgroMist in the Achaia Chamber

Essential oils in the preparation of innovative replacement fluids


Our Team

Konstantinos Messiakaris 


Artemis Adamis -Pharmacy Student of the University of Patras
Dimitris Rammos – Pharmacy Student of the University of Patras     Sylvia Zervas – Pharmacy Student of the University of Patras





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