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1 in 2 Greeks fail to “quit” smoking

The need to find new ways and to have more choices for smokers in order to be able to live longer and healthier, are highlighted to the research of “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World”.


According to the same research, although smoking efforts in our country are considered to be successful, 3 million people continue to endanger their health by smoking daily. For those who smoke is a daily habit, which is combined with coffee (91%) or after eating (84%).


At the same time, 51% of Greek smokers who tried to cut off this harmful habit failed to do so.

The new data from our Foundation’s research shows that the same approach to all smokers in order to reduce smoking does not bring the desired results. Though many would like to quit, they still risk their health and spend money on their habit.


According to the same survey:

  • 94% of smokers say they are well informed about the effect of smoking on their health.
  • 39% of smokers say they are planning to quit smoking.
  • 56% of smokers who have tried to quit say, they would like to have help in order to do this.
  • 45% of smokers mistakenly believe nicotine is the cause of lung cancer.



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